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Coin type:Roman Imperial
Entered by:mrichter   (Seller rating: 5.0 out of 5, based on 13 buyer responses)
Added on: Aug 1, 2009
Ruler: Constantius II (Augustus)
Coin:Fine/Good Copper Ae4
D N CONSTANTIVS P F AVG - Diademed head right
VOT XX MVLT XXX - legend within wreath
Mint:uncertain (c. 337 - 3)
Wt./Size/Axis:1.74g / 13mm / -
Acquisition/Sale:H*O*A*R*D eBay 2005
For Sale: This coin is for sale. ($15.00)
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Notes:Aug 19, 12 - The mint mark on the reverse is missing from this coin making full attribution impossible. I think Alexandria can be ruled out as a potential mint for the coin based on stylistic issues. That still leaves Heraclea, Cyzicus, Nicomedia, Siscia and Antioch as possibilities.

The seller of this coin, H*O*A*R*D also sells on eBay as Land-Of-Kush. He is notorious for false advertising and misleading claims in his auctions. This coin was received as part of a group of 20 coins that were supposed to have been unclean. They were actually cleaned late Roman bronze coins that had been "re-dirted" (re-covered with mud after being cleaned). I feel lucky that I actually received genuine coins.

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