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Coin type:Roman Imperatorial
Entered by:mrichter   (Seller rating: 5.0 out of 5, based on 13 buyer responses)
Added on: Oct 27, 2010
Ruler: Sextus Pompey
Coin:Poor Silver Denarius
MAG. PIVS. IMP. ITER - Diademed head of Neptune right; trident behind
PRÆF. CLAS ET. O-R-Æ MARIT. EX S C - naval trophy set on anchor, top of trident visible above, heads of Scylla and Charybdis at base
Mint:Uncertain mint in Sicily (42 BCE)
Wt./Size/Axis:3.10g / 20mm / 120
  • RSC 1a
  • Crawford 511/2b
  • Sydenham 1347
Acquisition/Sale:Ye Olde Curiositie S 10/27/10
Notes:Oct 27, 10 - Sextus Pompeius Magnus (67 - 35 BCE) was the younger son of Pompey the Great. After Caesar's death he gathered a fleet, seized Sicily and took control of the Mediterranean. In 36 BCE he was defeated by Octavian's forces under command of Agrippa and fled to Asia Minor. He was taken prisoner in Miletus and executed without a trial.

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