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kerux 09-29-2006 10:54 AM

More on deep search....
I don't know if these would be "do-able", but here goes:

1. Could deep search be enabled with "wildcard" characters (i.e. an * which could be any letter or single digit number) which would allow date searches that would show a range of results? A date search for 3** would show all coins with a date in the 300-399 range.

2. Can we add search fields to deep search which would allow us to search by:

Exergue - "BSIS" shows all Siscia, officina "B" coins, etc.
Size - "17" would allow you to see all 17mm coins, etc.
Field Marks - "B" would show all coins with B in their fields, etc.

Joe W.

rasiel 09-29-2006 11:28 PM

there's no question it can't be done. in fact, i've asked for quotes from programming to enhance both deep search and the regular search features and have been presented with an estimate of upwards of 25 hours of prrogramming. at this point i just can't throw that many resources that way but it definitely is something i'd like to pursue once other line items from the priority list have been taken care of first.


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