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rasiel 04-17-2007 12:31 PM

Coin flips
It's been several months in the waiting but we finally have this popular feature ready. Although a premium members only tool for the next 30 days it is available to everyone to try it out.

Hope you enjoy it! More stuff on the way....


kerux 04-17-2007 04:37 PM

Coin flip fields

It would be great to be able to put the Reference number (RIC, etc.) on the flips.

Joe W.

benzgemz 04-22-2007 11:53 AM


Nice feature, I'd like to second the call for adding reference fields and ask if we could have a way to print the field marks/exergue they way they display when looking at the coin.

Some combined fields would be nice, for example Metal/Denom and Weight/Size/Die Axis



rasiel 04-23-2007 02:03 AM

i have asked the programmers to look into this. will advise as soon as i have something from them.


Joe-K 05-03-2007 11:20 PM

Hi, great feature the flips it is MUCH appreciated.

However, there are fields that I require that are not available - you mentioned awhile ago about the possibility of user or custome templates for coin entry database.

I'm sure it is on the back burner - but if possible it would be a great help.

Nice job...


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