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kerux 10-07-2005 01:00 AM

Anyone have BMC Syria?
I have a Provincial coin of Elagabalus from Emisa, Syria. Reference is BMC 21. Anyone have access to the relevant volume? I need the obverse and reverse legends...

Joe W.

01-02-2006 02:11 PM

I have BMC Syria
I have it. BMC 21 Elagabalus in Emisa

Obv: ...MA...ANT(omega)..
Rev: MHTPOKO(lambda)EMIC(omega)N, H(lambda)IA above, (pi)V(theta)IA beneath

Hope this helps. I just got on to Tantalus and saw your posting.

Rob Calfee
Puyallup, WA

kerux 02-23-2006 03:55 PM

Thanks, Rob. I just saw your answer...:)

Joe W.

02-23-2006 04:34 PM

No problem!

10-23-2014 06:09 AM

Re: Anyone have BMC Syria?
They're misattributed. They're just ordinary Theodosius I campgates ;-)

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