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Matt & Joe W:
I agree with both of you.... I wish I had more experience but the lack of a template for Bi-Metallics and Tokens prevent me from going forward.

I have tried flips but I feel like Iwould be doing double duty on entry.

I have tried to make some match fields but it was too complex and I kept confusing even myself as to what is what.

Ras - Has promised a template and went further to suggest having a customizable template but I'm still waiting.

There has been no movement on that area at all but I'm keeping the faith.

This registry could be uniquely great but the search issue and template problem must be solved.

I would not want to push to the ANA or any other group a broken program.

Maybe there should be a"help desk" to report, track & resolve problems...

I know some things take time but.....

Joe K
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