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As for history of the coin ... that will require a bit O research on your part .... here are a couple for starters

Nerva used the occasion of a victory in Pannonia over the Germans in late October, 97 to announce the adoption of Marcus Ulpius Traianus, governor of Upper Germany, as his successor.[[19]] The new Caesar was immediately acclaimed imperator and granted the tribunicia potestas. Nerva's public announcement of the adoption settled succession as fact; he allowed no time to oppose his decision. From the German victory, Nerva assumed the epithet Germanicus and conferred the title on Trajan as well. He also made Trajan his consular colleague in 98.[[20]]

And Robert at Calgary has one of the best break downs of what the obv legend means ... this is for a different coin ... but will help you I think

LOTS O LEARNING to do ... you and me both :-)
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