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Talking Gallery.

Originally Posted by mrichter

I like the Zeno website but I am not certain that I would prefer it to the current system in Tantalus. My main issue is the way the coins are grouped and the appearance of home page.

Would Tantalus need to predetermine these or would users be able to set their on based on their interests? For instance, I don't car about geographical location on my coins. I want them grouped first by rulers and/or cultures that they relate and second by topic (Monumental, monograms, etc.). If Zeno allows me to set up my own account the way the current albums and galleries in Tantalus do, I would like to see more about what it can do. If I lose these features or am "forced" to confirm to standards beyond the templates, I am less interested in the changes you suggest.



Zeno does divide each section by reign where the country is a monarchy.

In the case of Hong Kong,the banknotes are divided into colonial issues & the issues of the S.A.R.,then they are divided by issuers.The colonial coins of Hong Kong are kept separate from the S.A.R.'s issues.

Once you start uploading photos on Zeno,you are creating a gallery,& you can get a link that you can have in your profile.

If we did the same thing with Tantalus,it would encourage more collectors to post photos of their their unidentified banknotes & coins so that they can be identified & categorised correctly.

Aidan Work.

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To see the photos on ,you have to scroll to the bottom of the page,pull down to '90' under 'Per Page',then click on 'Sort Now'.

Please let me know what you think.
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