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The gallery at is going to be given a huge overhaul to encourage members to upload photos like you can do on .

I reckon that if we did the same thing here on Tantalus,then we can get more members joining up to contribute photos that can be seen by the public,but photos would be contributed only by the membership of the project.

It is fine to have a project with a plan.Like most things,it has to naturally evolve.

In the case of a numismatic gallery project,it would have to evolve as more & more countries are added,& more banknote issuers' listings are created,especially with countries that have had more than one banknote issuer.Of course,postal order listings would have to be included,as does community currency notes & tokens.

In a sense,we,the numismatic community,would be doing the cataloguers a favour,as we would be giving them the helping hand that they need.That is what the team at Krause Publications need.They also need to be given that wake-up call that they need to see the error of their ways.The same applies to Charlton Press up in Canada as well.

Aidan Work.

Check out my numismatic photos on & .

To see the photos on ,you have to scroll to the bottom of the page,pull down to '90' under 'Per Page',then click on 'Sort Now'.

Please let me know what you think.
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