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Ras...I think Snakehair is saying something different (correct me if I am wrong Snakehair).

I think he is looking for a class or type that would only allow registered or subscribers access.

registered would be people that have signed up...

subscribers would be people that are paying the monthly fee.

I think he was meaning registered. that would allow him to share his coins with a more limited or trusted group and not remove them from viewing all together if he selects private.....more or less you have to join Tantalus (but don't have to pay the monthly fee to see the coins).

I'll call it club mode :-)

just a thought...and since it is free to register...all they have to do to see a wider selection of coins is would also allow the dealers to run Tantalus Users specials that are only available to registered members....

wild thoughts from the MNPolock
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