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Default Introducing Keyword Agent

hello everyone - summer has been good to tantalus for rolling out new features and here comes the piece de resistance as the french would say.

we now have a new tool for paid members that scours ebay for keywords in the coin sections. you set up a list of keywords and tantalus constantly looks out for new listings that match any of those keywords. when a match is found it will alert you in realtime with a popup on your desktop. i got the idea from my outlook which lets me know when i have inbound email and thought i could implement something for coins.

the beauty of it is that it's scaleable to include new dealers outside of ebay and, as usual, the tool itself can be tweaked to make it more sophisticated. in conjunction with the recent addition of all-you-can-eat ebay snipes tantalus is now an even better management system for your collection! well, that's my jope anyway :-)

comments, feedback, bug reports to the orkin man please!

ps. oh, almost forgot - while the ebay keyword agent is for paid members only basic members still get tantalus notifications free.