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I still use both Moneta and Tantalus. There are two reasons that keep me using Moneta:

- Dealer directory. I can keep the names and contact information on my coin community in one place
- Flips. IMHO the flips system is a lot easier to use and the appearance is significvantly better than in Tantalus. Especially when you want to print only a few coins at a time.

The addition and improvements suggested above would allow me to completely stop using Moneta.

Other suggestions for Tantalus:

- better search function. Even the advance search does not work as well as searches on other sites

- Publicly viewable grids . I think that anycome coming to the website should see a link to take them to a "library" of members grids that they have allowed public viewing. This would also allow for people to work together to make more informative grids (example: I could pull other members coins tto my grid of RIC I Tiberius coins to have a pictoirial grid of that section of RIC I). Some people with related websites would also be able to add links to grids they like

- Allow members to make specific Albums publicly viewable

- More outside recognition: Has anyone, including Ras, tried to get ANA, ACCG, or ACE approval to display thier badges. Has Ras or anyone else ever nominated the site for a Forum award?

- More outside recognition2: Get more publications to note the site. Celator and The Numismatist (The ANA pub. I may have the name wrong) both recently listed online collection sites. Neither mentioned Tantalus which IMHO is much better than the ones mentioned that I had looked at previously. I thought Tantalus' absence was especially condpicuous in Zach Beaslkey's column.


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