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Default Bi-Metallics...

Hi Matt:
First, nice coin.... but that is a typical bi-metallic... also some coins are tri-metallic.

Centers are not always centered, rings are not always round, metals vary and so does the thickness of the coin some are in blister packs, some single, some commemmorative, and some a sepecial minting.

Some may argue that they are really an encased coin but then there are encased coins.

Tokens can be bi-metallic, encased and tri in metals.

Some coins are legal currency, some trade only currency & novelty.

Then we have the casino "Silver Strikes" a bit metallic.... different casinos, makers, designers, dates and values.

Of course there are many designers of all the coins.

I just did not see how to have all of this on the current template? Or am I just not creative enough to figure out how to use the existing template.

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