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With the better picture, more can be said about this coin.

The obverse legend narrows it down to Constantine I, Constantine II, Constantius II or Constans. With an apparent break in the obverse legend after the first A, the most likely of these is Constans.

Next, the reverse photo is upside down. I can see the MVLT XX. The legend within the wreath will start with VOT and then have a number of Vs or Xs then MVLT XX. There may or may not be a third X at the end. If we assume that the Emperor is Constans, then the legend within the wreath is most likely VOT XV MVLT XX or VOT XX MVLT XX. Either of these could have a third X at the end.

Another open issue: is there a legend around the outside of the wreath? It looks like there might be to me.


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