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Default A coin for comparison...

Originally Posted by smiffeyf6
Just to clarify things - I'm not a dealer, seller or hobbyist - I would however like some information if possible. If I'm on the wrong forum - I apologise.

I found a roman coin in amongst a tin full of coins.

It's about 32mm across the widest part & 2-3mm deep. It has a brassy look to it.

One side has an emporer's head looking right with the following text round it


The other side has the following text:

FORTVN - can't read the rest until EDVC

At the bottom is SC

There is a seated woman? holding something in her left hand - she is facing left.

Any clues, history etc

Thanks in advance

Compare your coin with this one:

How is yours different/similar? A picture would help greatly.

Joe W.
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