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Lightbulb Feedback from the unconvinced

Been conversing with several collectors who say they rarely visit Tantalus...their main complaints? (1) Navagation is too difficult. (2) They feel the coin info is too difficult to access...inotherwords, they want more coin info shown on the thumbnail page without having to click each coin pic to get a little more info.

Looking at the Tantalus thumb pages I believe there is some info that we could do without inorder to make room for meaningful coin info on the initial thumb pages. The "Date updated" info doesn't seem terribly important for the thumbs (it could simply be part of the main coin page with all the other details). Also the "View details" line is redundant since you can find the details by just clicking the thumb (almost everyone understands this already). If that space could be used to display obverse and reverse descriptions of the coins along with the ruler, city & coin type it would make the browsing much more enjoyable & useful for visitors. Like it or not, Vcoins has effectively "set the standard" of what people want in a coin site when it comes to browsing. Not all Vcoin dealers put much on their thumb pages, but many put up to 4 lines of coin info which is great if you don't want to do lots of clicking pics to find out about a certain coin.

Joe W.
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