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Matt, to put it bluntly, you've pointed out the worst of the Tantalus' weaknesses. The first is obvious and has been addressed only partially by the new import/export feature which allows if not entry at least your already entered coins to be viewed and studied while on the road.

The second, flips, is one I have to admit has me stumped technically. The reason is that Tantalus was designed to accommodate any coin out there - not just ancient this or modern that. To implement flips I would have to first come up with a universal template or individualized templates for each flip. Then there is the issue that Tantalus is not restricted to running just on PC's but will work on Macs and any other system capable of browsing the internet. Ensuring that the flip data gets transferred correctly from the browser to every printer regardless of operating system would be a programming nightmare.

I'm sorry I'm offering 0 for 2. Are there any other limitations compared to ANY other software program that you can think of? I have a list of over 50 additions I'd like to see implemented into Tantalus over the coming months and it's never too difficult thinking of new ones. We're a small company and the only thing holding us back from developing it faster is money.

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