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Default Announcing galleries

It's been a busy month eh?

Now I'd like to introduce a new feature called Galleries. This came about from the request of several users who wanted the ability to have coins appear in more than one album. As it turned out this was a difficult task from a technical point of view so instead I came up with what I hope is an even better solution.

A gallery is a "virtual" collection made up of any coin record in Tantalus, including those of other members (so long, of course, as they're publicly viewable). You may import into a gallery a coin one at a time by entering their id's or bring in an album to start with or your entire collection. Moreover, you can rearrange the display order of the coins and show them as an ordinary album, as a slideshow or as a screensaver. These last two have several ways you can customize them including adding text captions that are not normally associated with a record.

All of these are url exportable. You can post them on here or elsewhere, email, whatever and the viewer will see your display as you had in mind.

Hope you like! Comments requested :-)