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rasiel 06-03-2009 08:20 AM

the bugs in the auctions applet appear to have been solved as well. The problem, if this was it, was that the internal logs were stacking up for months without clearing. Every auction that the server placed on behalf of a member was going into a file that kept growing until the whole application started coughing blood and having grandmal seizures. The programming was rewritten to flush the logs out on a rotating schedule so that this won't happen again.

This being said the fact remains that server timings between Tantalus and Ebay are such that every now and then an auction may be missed on the 5 second-to-close default. I want to hear your reports if this happens again... or any other irregularities. You can post to this thread, no need to email me directly as that only discourages others from reporting problems of their own.

Still, in case you need to get a hold of me use the message inbox or any of my other emails (like rasiel@tantaluscoins.com) -> I try to respond quickly!


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