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Saturninos 09-14-2006 04:25 PM

Collection Index Column
I love all of the new features and see great things ahead. A while back I mentioned a desired tweak that would help me look at my collections in a more organized way. I'm repeating it now in case that it was placed on the back burner and forgotten.

When I'm loged in, I would like to see my "collections list" on the left side of the page indexed by "template types" and then by Album name? For instance; The Template - "Roman Imperial" then below that all of the "Albums" (I have one for each emperor) that I have under that Template. That way all of my coins and medals would be automatically organized as opposed to being all mixed in. Kind of like the following example.

Roman Imperial
- Antoninus Pius (5)
- Arcadius (13)
- Aurelian (26)
Medals- French
- Germany (6)
- Great Britain (12)
World Coins- Austria
- Bolivia (6)

Thanks, Keep up the good work, you are on the right track.


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