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Talking Gallery.

Originally Posted by mrichter
I think I mentioned this one before but I was thinking about it, so I will mention it again.

I suggest that members be able to make their galleries, grids and albums searchable by name. This way, someone coming to the site looking for Coins of a specific type couldclick on a link for user grids or galleries and see what users have made publicly viewable.

My suggestion would be to ad links to the homepage that would take you to a list of Albums, galleries nd grids. These could be listed like (and by) the User directory and searchable like the Coins for Sale page.



I agree with you there.The gallery at does that.

I reckon that the gallery on here could do with being installed,then you can upload photos that have been combined,& it would make it easier for an administrator to create new categories for when unlisted countries' banknotes & coins are uploaded.

Aidan Work.

Check out my numismatic photos on & .

To see the photos on ,you have to scroll to the bottom of the page,pull down to '90' under 'Per Page',then click on 'Sort Now'.

Please let me know what you think.
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