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Default I need help with a coin

Hello all,
I have what appears to be a late roman bronze AE3 that has an unusual reverse in conjunction with the bust of an emperor that is unrecognizable to me. Could this be a barbarous coin? Oddly I have two of these coins from a lot I bought in they are probably not rare. Sorry but I don't have an image yet. I am new to this forum and havent worked out attachments.
The reverse seems late 4th century at the earliest....there are three stick-like figures each with an O over their heads. There is a small dot in two of the Os. Wreaths, eyes, syzygy of planets, halos...I'm not sure. There is a large letter (perhaps an N) below to the left of the figures looking somewhat Byzantine, but it doesn't seem to match the bust of the emperor on the obverse and I can't make out the obverse legend and am not sure if it is in Greek or Latin such is the state.
Please advise.
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