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I've been informed by Garry Saint over on that he is going to carry out a major overhaul of his website using the gallery program from that is used on .

I've emailed Garry back to suggest that he should encourage the coin,postal order,& community currency communities to contribute to Numismundo,then that way,the project can evolve as a world numismatic gallery project,created by the numismatic community for the numismatic community.I've also suggested to Garry that he should also set up a forum on Numismundo as well for the membership of the project to keep in touch.

I reckon that Ras should also do a similar thing here on Tantalus.

As for Anton on & ,he hasn't bothered to reply to my 3 emails telling him why he should replace his rubbishy gallery program.

What do you think?

Aidan Work.

Check out my numismatic photos on & .

To see the photos on ,you have to scroll to the bottom of the page,pull down to '90' under 'Per Page',then click on 'Sort Now'.

Please let me know what you think.
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