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Originally Posted by Jay82
well let me know if i can do those ones that i listed.
Im kind of confused though. It sounds like from reading your first statement that i would log on to an account named wildwinds and basically add each coin to it. that would require password.

Precisely...those who volunteer are given the access info for a different account set up for all Wildwinds coins. You would need to login under that account inorder to add the Wildwind coins. Let me know your direct email address if you are still interested in helping and I will send you the password you need.

The Imperial coins you expressed an interest in have not yet been transferred, so you are welcome to tackle them if you like. Please let me know before you move on to other areas as there are several of us who are working on this and we are trying to avoid duplication. For instance, I am working the Roman Provincial anyone working with a Roman emperor can skip those issues & just focus on the Imperial coins. Obviously, we ask you not to change anything that has already been entered until you ask if it should be changed. Thanks for your interest! The work is a bit tedious, but satisfying as we make Tantalus a better research resource for everyone.

Joe W.