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Default Basic suggestions for Volunteers

I thought it might be useful to post these suggestions publicly for those who want to help:

Thanks for volunteering to help transfer Wildwinds coin records to the Tantalus database. There are several of us doing this so we need to keep one another informed of what work we are doing so we don't duplicate coins accidentally. If you have any questions you can get a quicker response by emailing someone directly. Below are a couple of contacts that should be able to answer your inquiries:

kerux (
Asgorath (

Here are some initial suggestions:

1. Pick an area at Wildwinds (Greek city, Roman emperor, etc.) and LET OTHERS KNOW where you are working by posting a message at Tantalus forums (there is a Wildwinds thread).

2. When you finish an area let others know what you are moving on to. If you're not sure an area is unworked, then do a search to see if the coins are already in the Wildwinds account.

3. The method is pretty simple:

* Open a window to Wildwinds & go to the first record in your chosen area.

* Open another window to Tantalus and login to the "Wildwinds" account. Click the "Add a coin" feature & transfer by copy/paste all the important info (including sale price if given) and the photo from the Wildwinds record to the Tantalus database. If you enter a price, make sure it is a FINAL price and not just a current bid...if unsure leave the price out. NOTE: When copying the photo please copy the BIGGEST version available (not just the thumbnail). By looking at the Wildwinds records already at Tantalus you can get a feel for what is important info & what is not.

* If you notice minor errors (spelling, etc.) feel free to make corrections. NOTE: Occasionally you will find a major error at Wildwinds (wrong city, legend, reference #, etc.). If you can research & correct the info then do so...or ask for help if you are unsure what to do.

* When dealing with CNG or Triton coins please include the "By permission of CNG..." notation in the Description area. This is done at Wildwinds (& here) as a courtesy to CNG for allowing us to catalog their records.

Thanks for your willingness to help make Tantalus an even greater resource for all of us to use.

Joe Winnett (kerux)