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Originally Posted by Jay82
My coin is stuck in the British section, and it will not allow me to save it under Roman Imperial. Is it because this coin is Brittish? Or does it matter either way? Ive tried to edit it and it will not let me use the dropbox option to change it. And also what would clone do? Thats all the info i can gather from just wildwinds on the coin. Also i havent found a way to link to the page were the image is stored to get comments on if its good enough.

Since the format of the coin records vary by coin type it will not allow you to "switch" a British record into another area. You must be sure you have the correct coin type & album selected before entering your info or it will wind up in the wrong area permanently. "Cloning" the coin will only allow you to enter the same info in the British area for another similar coin. Cloning can save time when entering many identical or similar coins as you only need to change pic & edit info...but this only works if the coin is already in the right area.

You will need to "Add a coin"...make sure you have the Roman Imperial coin type & album selected...and then re-enter the information. You should be able to just "delete" the unwanted British entry by going to it's edit page.

Joe W.