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I am rather new at coin collecting...I have recently found some rather interesting coins..One seems to be a civic issue Tyre,coin..with a bearded man on the left side of the front,and at the bottom right stands a trident with a snake,or something wrapped around it..On the back is a palm I think.and on either side stands the words "atta neun"..Does anyone know what this coin is?? I also have a strange bronze Byzantine coin..with a rather flatened almost faded image of Christ enthroned,one the other side there are many block like patterns..They seem to be letters that have been worn away....Another coin I have is a very thick bronze Roman coin With a rather important looking man on it..I cannot read what is inscripted,but I can send a photo to anyone interested....I have never seen a coin so thick,does that have any particular signifigance?? So please increase my knowledge if you can...Thank you .. Fionn...