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Originally Posted by mrichter

The thing I would like to see is the ability to have coins in multiple albums. For instance, I would like to be able to list a Dupondius of Hadrian with Galley reverse in both my RIC II and my Ships Albums. If I could use three albums I could List an Arcadius Campgate in my Byzantine, RIC X and Campgate albums



That would be great as long as searches didn't pull up multiple listings of the same coin.

I'd suggest tweaking the thumbnail info for certain coin types. IMHO some important fields need to be displayed even in the thumbnail view:

CELTIC - "Region, Tribe" should show in the thumbnail
ROMAN REPUBLIC - "Moneyer" should show in the thumbnail
CHINESE - "Ruler" should show in the thumbnail
ORIENTAL KINGS - "King" should show in the thumbnail
WORLD - "Authority" should show in the thumbnail
BRITISH - "Monarch" should show in the thumbnail

I also think a tutorial/forum dedicated to using the deep search feature would be nice. I'm not sure I'm getting as much out of that feature as I could & some tips would be nice.

Joe W.
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