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Talking New Template ???

Originally Posted by rasiel
joe, you sure have been patient in waiting for this so i will get you a token template. starting from the medal template, please tell me what fields should be replaced. seeing that this will be a new template, try to make it workable for a token anywhere in the world, not just american tokens - and hopefully not add like 10 new fields!

ok to reply straight to this thread.


I have attached a file.... I used the existing fields and I thought that the template could be named accordingly as a single template... I think I took into consideration everything for the world into one template....and a few new fields.... less than the 10

You might want to have others take a look and or give their input but then again maybe not...

About the only thing really new would be the template names and a few others.

Take a look and let me know your thoguhts.

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