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Default Wildwinds - Volunteers needed...

Ras has permission to transfer all of the Wildwinds coin records into Tantalus making it into one of the top attribution sites around. The challenge, of course, is actually getting it done one record at a time. We have set up an account for "wildwinds" and I am now transferring the Imperatorial coins from Wildwinds to Tantalus.

If we can get more volunteers involved, this challenge will get done much I'm calling for volunteers. If you'd like to help please contact me and I'll explain how we are doing it and what you need to do to be involved. If you have a particular area (Byzantine, Greek, Imperial, etc.) you'd like to work with that can certainly be arranged...we just have to organize it inorder to avoid duplicating records. Hope you can devote some time to this worthy project that will be a useful tool for all of the collecting community.

Joe W.