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Hi: I tried using your website for 30 days and loved it. I posted over 100 coins, with no problem at all except for some limitations; that's why I stopped. I have several thousand coins and medals and would like to be able to use your site to manage my inventory but I did not see a way to export my collection once I entered it. I also did not see a way to write reports such as flips to store the coins with. Is this stuff just around the bend or should I stick to a conventional coin software such as Numus Moneta, Coin Collector or Coin Manage (I own all three but was looking for a single place to store my inventory). I love the one screen easy entry format you have and the capability to enter coins from where ever I'm at while I travel . Are you considering making the software available for home use with a "hotsinc" and up-date capability when the user logs on? Thanks.