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I don't think the problem is fixed. I am still having three issues:

1. I can not enter the site as a subscriber from a bookmark. Any time I use a bookmark I get the "Subscribe to get access..." on the left side of the screen and need to log out and log back in again

2. The "Remember Me" box does not seem to be working on the log in page. Maybe I am just not memorable. . . . but my computer is not remebering me on this page

3. This one may be new. I just logged in and did not see the "Subscribe to get access..." on the left side of the screen. I went to my coins and clicked on view for coin 17417 and then cloned the coin. I changed the information I wanted to change and saved the new coin as 17434. The left side oif the screen then said "Subscribe to get access..." again. There is some good news on this one: The coin did not default to "For Sale"