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Lightbulb Image Numbering - Exporting & List View

I have been exporting my coins so that I can print flips and reports as I need them. It works great and its pretty fast.

However, in looking over the exported image files I noticed that the exported images retain the many different and sometimes archaic naming conventions that I was using when I originally entered the coin into Tantalus.

I was wondering if it was possible to have the images automaticaly renamed/exported with the "Tantalus given coin inventory number" as the image name as opposed to the image name that I had for the image when I first entered the coin. This way I could download my images and be able to imediately see what image is for what coin in Tantalus. This will make organizing my collection easier.

Additionally when I'm looking through the coins in one of my Tantalus folders (the original view) I would love to be able to see the Tantalus coin number underneath the thumbnail image of each coin so that once I spot the coin, I imediately know the inventory number for that coin.

PS: A little bigger thumbnail size would be greatly appreciated as I'm getting older and can't see as well

Keep up the good work.
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