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Arrow My Understanding - Grids vs Tantalus DB

Matt suggested I use grids - I did not have an understanding of grids. However, after looking at what others have created, and the "demo" - I have come to understand.

But..... grids are dependant on coins already entered into tantalus from the main entry screen... and there is the rub.

For both Bi-Metallic coins, encased, silver strikes & tokens etc. there are needed fields that are not currently available in the Database.

Metal Composition (AgAu*Ag = Silver/Gold Plated Silver); Alignment (Outer-Inner-Center Ring, Medal Alignment, Coin Alignment); Catalog (Yeoman, Krause, Mishler, Gadory, Schulman, Seaby, Scott); Coin Product (Encased, Piedfort, Test Coin, Test Token, Not-Legal Tender, Re-Strike, Credit Card, Essai, Blister Pack, Belle, Epreuve); Time Period (Mahammedan, Budhist, Jewish, Solar Year); Casino Name & Location;

The above are the biggies and the other items can be used with the existing database fields and layouts.

To make it simple, probably three additional layouts with shared and additional fields would do the trick: Bi-Metallics, Silver Strikes, Encased and Tokens.

I do not think it would take much to add the additional fields to the current templates.


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