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Default Re: Tantalus rebuilt

At this point most of the field data has been recovered (we're missing 30 days'
worth from May 27-June 27) but most images have been wiped out.

If you used the import/export tool to make a backup of your site please send me
the file so I can restore your account. You can upload it somewhere and email me
the link or use the Tantalus ftp account to send it straight there:
Username: restore
Password: restoreme

File repair at the server level is still going on but it may not get much better
than how it is now (except for fixing programming bugs like the ebay sniper,
import/export, etc.)

Again, I want to repeat how deeply deeply sorry I am for the data loss and the hassle. If there is anything I can personally do to make this up to you just email me please. I know it's cold
comfort but I'm putting into effect an independent backup system to ensure
something like this can never happen again. Also, if you have a paying account I
have already made it so that it never expires or charges your credit card/paypal
account again.

For those who already have free accounts I will make the site's premium features
free for a year on request and as soon as the site is stable I will make it so
for everyone signing on new as well.