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Default Re: Unable to add coins

OK - I've added it now by cloning another sestertius and modifying the fields one by one. The problem is with the Reverse Description - it seems to be too long for the program. I couldn't change it from the existing description to the (long) one for the coin. I added it as a note and said "See note!" in the reverse description field.

Originally Posted by ethnucoins
I have this problem again - I'm trying to add a Roman Imperial coin - sestertius of Nero and get the message in red:

The coin could not be added to Tantalus. Please contact customer support

I'm using Linux and Firefox - version 9.0. I'd added a Republican denarius successfully just before. I'm going to try one other coin in the Roman Imperatorial category.

The steps leading to the error are just going to "Add a Coin" and filling in the fields for a Roman Imperial coin. The photograph is large - just over 1MB and 2920x1460 pixels in size.