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Talking How to improve the gallery.

Has anyone thought of a way to improve the gallery so that it can be more inviting to potential members?

I think that the gallery program needs to be replaced with the one from ,then we can divide the gallery along similar lines to ,but it would be covering the whole world from the coins of King Croesus of Lydia (7th. Century B.C.) right through to the Euro coins.

I reckon that the gallery would have to be divided into geographical regions of the world,plus there is a need for sections for banknotes to be created.Where a country has more than one issuer of banknotes,that country's banknote section would need to be subdivided in alphabetical order of the issuers' names.

There needs to be a set of guidelines for uploading photos along the lines of .

As for the information fields,you can find a suggestion for their compilation here; .

If this gallery is improved in the ways I have suggested,then we,the numismatic community,can give the cataloguers (especially the team at Krause Publications) a helping hand to help recompile the Krause & Pick catalogues,as some chapters are a total mess,& there is a lot of banknotes & coins that have never been listed in either Krause or Pick,but they should be.

Aidan Work.

Check out my numismatic photos on & .

To see the photos on ,you have to scroll to the bottom of the page,pull down to '90' under 'Per Page',then click on 'Sort Now'.

Please let me know what you think.
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