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Default Re: Dirty Old Coins 10th Anniversary coming up or passed?

Congratulations again! Happy Anniversary!

AORTA is a really decent books, affordable and portable. I haven't really been using it to attribute because there are a few coins I found that are not listed. Hopefully, you manage to finish those online PDFs for ERIC II so that I can use it here at my desk PC where I do most of my studying anyways. When I manage to go to some coin shows or anywhere else, I'll take AORTA with me. It's awesome too that I have book #3, according to the number inside of the cover, and it's signed by you as well. Thanks.

I haven't really been checking the accuracy of the information inside the book too much. I have no doubt that it is but I just check what I read most of the time anyways. I've noticed a few typos here and there, but not many.

Since I'm a new collector, I find the price and rarerity rank useful as I try to hunt down coins for my collection. I fully realize that there are many I probably will never find and that's ok. I'm going to give a emperor set the best shot I can. I'll be lucky if I can get past 40%. lol

I really think the Index of Rulers should be at the beginning of the book, as well as expanding it to include the other beginning sections of the book to make it easier to get to. As a table of contents.

In the demominations, you don't have follis (folles) there. It's used a lot, I don't know how universally accepted it is though. Is it not a denomination?

There are a number of other denominations as well not listed, but I don't really see a point for those. Such as Radiate Fractions, nummus, etc. Right?

Over-all, I really like this attribution system and I might be using it in the future. I have less support for it than I do for other catalogs at present. And I have only been collecting for about 6 months. I need more experience before leading the way on this attribution system, since few seem to be using it.

Over-all, AORTA is great. Maybe I'll have more to say as I gain more experience later on.
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