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Default New items on our Website, Hosting a Drawing, Win a Valerian AR Antoninianus!

I have added quite a few new items to my store over the last month or so. I
have been listing a lot of coins from my own collection that I am selling to
make some college money. College will start in less than a year for me, so I
want to get as much of the money I need ahead of time as possible. Thus I am
parting with many of my coins, especially my 4th-5th century bronzes (there are
some rare types!). For now, I am sticking to Constantine and Sons era coins.
Here is a link for my store:
Or if you just want to view the newer items:

Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding these coins. I will also
consider any offers, just send me an email and we can talk about it.


Here is how it works:

1. You make an order off of our website before 12:00 CT on January 31st (a
maximum of 1 order per week)

2. I will put a piece of paper with your name on it in a jar

3. On Feburary 1st I will draw a name out, whoever's name is on it will be
notified and the coin will be shipped to him/her at no cost!

There has been an average of one or two orders per month off of my website, so
anyone who orders has a fairly good chance at winning!

Here is a link to the coin photo:\

Nathan Hochrein

Check out my ebay items: