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Here is a link to instructions and what have you that I made for importing into Tantalus.

It covers Roman Rep, Imperatorial, Imperial, Provincials and Byzantine coins. I have noted all the fields, the meaning of the fields as I can tell, the options or flags that can be set and what they mean.

It is an excel spreadsheet so you need Excel or Open Office to view the spreadsheet. It also has TABS across the bottom ... four in total.

1. A how to import guide
2. Field List and Description
3. The actual Data Entry area
4. The preformatted ready to save as a Txt file area for the import.

Let me know what you think, Ras and Angie feel free to us this however you would like ... mod/change etc, I transfer full rights of the doc to Tantalus :-)

I have it hosted at Common Bronze right now because I am unable to attached an excel file to the post .. perhaps Ras can move it and tell everyone where it should be.



AND BTW ... stop by the store if you get a chance
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