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Default The How Two Guide

A How To Import Guide for Tantalus

1. Fill out all the fields that are listed and that you want to have data for on the " ENTER COIN INFORMATION HERE" tab of this excel spreadsheet.

2. When you are finished, click on the tab labeled "SAVE AS MSDOS TXT FILE"

3. You will see that only the fields that you have entered data in are displayed to be imported. NOW, save the excel file so that you have all your information complete.

4. After you have made sure that you have saved your information and you are still on the "SAVE AS MSDOS TXT FILE" tab, you can go to FILE on the toolbar and then SAVE AS and save the file as a MSDOS txt file. This is the required format for importing coins into Tantalus.

5. Now you need to create a folder on your hard drive to get everything ready for import. For example lets say that you create a folder on your C Drive called Tantalus .. So it is C:\Tantalus and you would save your file you just created in that folder.

6. Now you need to create a folder under the Tantalus folder (or whatever you called it) to store the images, and you need to name it images. So when you are done you should have a folder here C:\Tantalus\images

7. Now you need to copy your images into this directory. Please make sure that you have listed the name of the image in the spreadsheet and that your capitalization is correct … if the file name is TANTALUS.JPG … your excel spreadsheet needs to show TANTALUS.JPG .. not tantalus.jpg or TANTALUS.jpg .. has to match EXACTLY.

8. Now that you have the excel file saved as a MSDOS txt file in the C:\Tantalus folder and you should have all your images in the C:\Tantalus\images folder.

9. You now need to create a zip file. If you are not sure how to do this you can go to and download WinZip to create your WinZip file. The way I create the WinZip file is as follows.

A. Right click your mouse in the folder C:\Tantalus and select "NEW" then "WINZIP FILE" and name it whatever you would like.

B. Using the Control Key, select the TXT file that you created (located in C:\Tantalus) you do this by holding down the Control Key and left click the file, NOW KEEP THE CONTROL KEY PRESSED DOWN and now left click the folder named images. You should now have to items that are highlighted in blue.

C. Release the Control Button and click and hold once on either the TXT file or the images folder and drag the files over the WinZip file that you just created.

D. A WinZip dialog box should open with a prompt to add files to the WinZip archive. Click add.

E. Open Tantalus … go to the Import/Export feature, browse for your WinZip file that you just created, and then click IMPORT and Wala you now have imported coins into Tantalus.
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