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I posted a Peruvian bank note from the 1970s a while back. I used the "World" coin template and it worked fairly well. It isn't up anymore because of problems with the image that are unrelated to Tantalus. I will get it back up eventually along with other paper currency from around the world.

The World coin template wan't perfect but had every field that I wanted to use. A bank note collector might want more specifically related fields but the custom template could be used if this is the case,

On the other hand, maybe currency and stamp templates should be added to Ras' "to do" list for the site. In addition to my bank notes, I just ended up with an album of stamps that my father and grandfather complied between the late 1930s and early 1950s. I know nothing about what I have but would love to start getting it online ti see if anyne can help me with IDing the stamps.