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Default A few suggestions


As I said before, I have been using both Moneta and Tantalus simultaneously. I like both a lot but this has gotten to be too much work. At this point I still don't want to stop using either and the import document posted in another forum may help (I haven't had a chance to look at it yet). While I ponder this, I thought I would let you know the features of Moneta that I like and miss on Tantalus. I have put this in orfer of impotance to me.

1. An index or inventory #. Moneta requires you to add an inventory # to the coin. the format is XXX-00000-XXXXXXX. Although there is some ability to modify the format you have up to three letters or numbers in a prefix, a numerical identifier in the middle and up to 8 letters in the lasat section. I thought this unimportant when I started but I have come to rely on it for finding coins in my books at home. An optional and adaptable feild in Tantalus would be a great help to me.

2. Pre-filled obverse and reverse inscriptions. I'm not sure I have said this correctly. Most known inscription are available in Moneta when you start entering a coin for a specific ruler. These inscriptions can be scrolled through if you know the first few letters of an inscription and can be used for finding a partial in some cases Cookies online help with this to some extent but are not nearly reliable. This ability is probably the main reason that I am still using both.

3. Partial inscription search. Relating to my last comment above, you don't have one on Tantalus. However, there is one on Why not post a link to this page (or the whole DOC research page) on Tantalus. After all, there is a link to Tantalus on the DOC page.

Well, that is it for now (I hope its enough ). For future reference, do you prefer postings oif one issue at a time or should I just get everyhting done at once?


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