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thanks for writing matt, i do appreciate the feedback and it makes no difference to me whether you ask all questions in a row. let's see:

1 - inventory number. there already is an inventory field for every coin type this was intended for coin dealers who may already have a stock or sku numbering system to identify their coins. however, you can use it to catalog your own collection or whatever. better yet, tantalus itself automatically assigns an id for you when you submit the record. why do it manually (and obligatorily) when the system can do it for you?

2 - scroll lists of obverse and reverse inscriptions is feasible i guess though it would be costly to implement. for that matter, same with obv/rev descriptions. i'll talk it over with my chief programmer on our next meeting but i'll put it as a lower-priority item.

3- legend search? i don't really see how it pertains to what coin software is supposed to do but i don't have anything against it either. the link you're talking about is - i can have that database copied over into tantalus at some point. will discuss w/ programmer also on the next meeting.

anything else that you would like to see let me know!

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