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Old 03-16-2009, 09:40 PM
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Default Note on DOC, Wildwinds databases

hello everyone,

i recently heard of the sad news regarding dave surber and wildwinds. unfortunately i have been out of the country since december and have had only minimal virtual links with this site and the ancient coin world community since then. i am due to return in mid/april and will see if i can save wildwinds as i have (or believe i have) a full copy of the website on my hard drive. as many of you know dave and i went in on a joint venture to merge the doc and wildwinds databases and me getting a copy of his site was one of the first things that got done. my intent then, and still is, to be able to integrate the data into tantalus but while working on an automated solution joe winnett and several of you have been adding records manually.

the good news is that all the roman imperial records were saved back in january to coinvac and, as a bonus, are easier to navigate than dave's structure. however, this still leaves the greek and byzantine records undone. i'm not sure just how far the wildwinds-tantalus migration got done in these sections as it's of little interest to me personally but hope that some of the data at least was saved over. again, i am fairly sure the data is intact in its original structure back at home and can look into uploading it back to wildwinds. this would require his site credentials... does anyone know who inherited responsibility for his site's upkeep? worst case scenario i can just reupload it to one of my own servers and create a mirror.

doc is also down and learned of this today while i'm uselessly far away in ecuador. the error was mine as i now remember deleting some old files when i had ftp access about a week ago and inadvertently left a directory renamed, breaking the links. if you click on the link simply change the word natto to nattoo as a temporary solution. i'll have this fixed when i get back next month. remember also that doc has been migrated in its entirety to tantalus and using a similar navigation interface so the inconvenience i hope hasn't been too great.

Old 03-17-2009, 10:16 AM
snakehair snakehair is offline
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I had never heard of 'coinvac' until a recent posting on Moneta-L. What is it? I tried to sign up for an account but wasn't prepared to pay for access without knowing what it is.

Many of the Greek pages are still on the WildWinds site, although the index is gone. If anyone is jonesing for the Greek pages go to Google's copy -- it links back to the individual pages.

(The Digital _Historia Numorum_ links to the Greek city pages, so as an alternate you can go to http://snible.org/coins/hn/geographical.html and from there to the Historia Numorum entry which links to each city.)

A post on ancients.info by Bill Puetz [ http://ancients.info/forums/showthread.php?t=2403 ] says "Steps are being taken to ensure that WildWinds will continue." Bill is also helping direct money to Dave's children. So he probably is inheriting or helping whomever inherits Wildwinds.
Old 03-17-2009, 07:50 PM
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Default Dave....

Sorry to learn about your friend....

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