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Old 06-16-2006, 04:05 PM
mrichter mrichter is offline
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Default A few suggestions


As I said before, I have been using both Moneta and Tantalus simultaneously. I like both a lot but this has gotten to be too much work. At this point I still don't want to stop using either and the import document posted in another forum may help (I haven't had a chance to look at it yet). While I ponder this, I thought I would let you know the features of Moneta that I like and miss on Tantalus. I have put this in orfer of impotance to me.

1. An index or inventory #. Moneta requires you to add an inventory # to the coin. the format is XXX-00000-XXXXXXX. Although there is some ability to modify the format you have up to three letters or numbers in a prefix, a numerical identifier in the middle and up to 8 letters in the lasat section. I thought this unimportant when I started but I have come to rely on it for finding coins in my books at home. An optional and adaptable feild in Tantalus would be a great help to me.

2. Pre-filled obverse and reverse inscriptions. I'm not sure I have said this correctly. Most known inscription are available in Moneta when you start entering a coin for a specific ruler. These inscriptions can be scrolled through if you know the first few letters of an inscription and can be used for finding a partial in some cases Cookies online help with this to some extent but are not nearly reliable. This ability is probably the main reason that I am still using both.

3. Partial inscription search. Relating to my last comment above, you don't have one on Tantalus. However, there is one on Dirtyoldcoins.com. Why not post a link to this page (or the whole DOC research page) on Tantalus. After all, there is a link to Tantalus on the DOC page.

Well, that is it for now (I hope its enough ). For future reference, do you prefer postings oif one issue at a time or should I just get everyhting done at once?


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Old 06-17-2006, 02:43 PM
rasiel rasiel is offline
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thanks for writing matt, i do appreciate the feedback and it makes no difference to me whether you ask all questions in a row. let's see:

1 - inventory number. there already is an inventory field for every coin type this was intended for coin dealers who may already have a stock or sku numbering system to identify their coins. however, you can use it to catalog your own collection or whatever. better yet, tantalus itself automatically assigns an id for you when you submit the record. why do it manually (and obligatorily) when the system can do it for you?

2 - scroll lists of obverse and reverse inscriptions is feasible i guess though it would be costly to implement. for that matter, same with obv/rev descriptions. i'll talk it over with my chief programmer on our next meeting but i'll put it as a lower-priority item.

3- legend search? i don't really see how it pertains to what coin software is supposed to do but i don't have anything against it either. the link you're talking about is http://dirtyoldcoins.com/natto/legends/indexa.htm - i can have that database copied over into tantalus at some point. will discuss w/ programmer also on the next meeting.

anything else that you would like to see let me know!

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Old 06-18-2006, 10:11 PM
mrichter mrichter is offline
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Regarding your reposnses:

1 - I do like the obligatory assignment of the "T#". However, I had 400 coins under a different system that I have gotten used to and like. As I am not a dealer and still want to use my own inventory system, I thought the abilty designate your own inventory #s would be something others would also appreciate.

2 - Your response was much more obligi9ng than I expected. I didn't consider cost when I wrote the suggestion and was thinking very narrowly on Roman Imperials. In hindsight, although I would truly love to see this, I do believe it would be cost prohibitive. The only shorcut I can think of is a way to use something like a cookie internally on the whole website. I don't know if this idea even exists in current technology.

3 - I think you missed my point. This suggestion is a simple one. On the left side of thge screen right now there is a grey box that has all kinds links and info for Tantalus. I would suggest adding a section for research and other information. This would include the current DOC links like the one you responded with. Other users of the website or even vendors could guve you additional links that Tantalus users might find helpful. I like the links provided on DOC (much like the ones at the bottom of the page on Wildwinds). I think that having some for non-ancients would benefit my enjoyment of the site and I hope others would feel th e samew way.


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