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Old 04-17-2007, 02:05 PM
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Default The Feature List

Here is, I think, the full list of features Tantalus has at the moment:

- Coin software management. At its simplest Tantalus allows you to upload an image and description of your coin using an extensive number of fields customized for just about any type of coin you may collect or study. The data can then be queried in a number of different ways.

- The concept of "albums" or collections within collections. You can make any number of theme-based collections to help organize them. You could have the coins grouped by coin type (World, Roman Republican, Byzantine, etc.) or by any other criteria of your choosing.

- Collection statistics. The system keeps track of the cost and value of your collection then runs a number of custom reports based on those values.

- Coin grids. A Tantalus innovation is the ability to display all or part of your collection at a glance. This is especially useful for set collectors who can see visually where the gaps in their collection are - a sort of virtual "penny book" concept. Several grid templates can be used from the defaults or you can create your own.

- A built-in de-accessioning tool. Coins no longer in your active collection (sold it? lost it?) can be moved into your archive folder which flags the system to not run stats against this group while still leaving them there for your record-keeping and others to continue research. You can still, of course, delete your coins off the system altogether.

- Deep Search. A researcher's dream come true. You can run very detailed searches on the system pulling up only the most relevant data based on dozens of different combinations.

- Spreadsheet view. This feature allows your collection to be sorted in rows and columns and is a good way to review a focused part of your collection.

- Privacy settings. Some or all of your coins may be flagged as private which means only the account owner may seem them.

- Coin flip printing. This self-explanatory feature allows for customizing flips using a number of user-defined fields and images then generates a pdf file which may be printed. Dealers may add their own logos.

- Sell your coins. While Tantalus will not rival eBay anytime soon (heheh) it is nevertheless a sophisticated platform for selling coins. A coin collector may sell all or part of his/her collection very easily with a simple configuration setup. Coin sellers receive feedback.

- Integrated payment system allows you to pay for subscriptions with your credit card or Paypal. You can cancel and renew subscriptions without any loss of information.

- Private messaging system. The Tantalus inbox keeps your Tantalus-specific mail tidy and apart from your other email accounts. It's a great way to handle questions or comments regarding specific coins.

- Forums. Your soapbox for discussing any of a number of topics regarding the system or general coin discussion. The moderators have a hands-off policy and will clear out only abusive threads.

- Import/Export. You can back-up your collection to your harddrive and review it (including any grids you may have) offline. You could even upload it to your own site!

I think that does it - there are many "sub-features" for the above and the site code is constantly being tweaked to enhance them. More major features on the way :-)


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