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About this user: I have been a collector of ancient coins for approximately five years now. I have also published all my coins on my web site:
http://www.ivargault.com (NB! Norwegian text only).
My collection has grown a little out of proportion, so in the future I intend to sell large parts of it.
My company name is GAULT COINS.
Payment Methods: PayPal, BidPay, MC/VISA; Personal check.
Shipping costs from Norway: ca. USD 6.00
Contact Information: My address in Norway:
Ivar Gault
Iddeveien 16
1769 Halden
TLF. +047 69181402
E-mail: geor-gau@online.no
Coins in Collection: 354 (search)
Contact User: Send a message to tiberius47

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